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What is Upconverge?

Complexity is becoming the new normal for Infrastructure and Cleantech projects, whether its additional stakeholders' involvement, requirements incorporating multiple functions or non-engineering  processes or deploying ever-increasing specialized methods and technologies. 

We help you turn Complex into Practical. 

Upconverge is an Infrastructure and Cleantech consultant that can help you unlock value from Systems & Stakeholders that are exerting influence on your projects. If you have a complex infrastructure project, we help you integrate its multiple goals & criteria into practical solutions. If you are developing a novel solution, we accelerate your deployment efforts and help integrate your new technology into existing infrastructure. We help you navigate the gaps between idea and implementation on complex infrastructure and innovation projects. 

Our Practice

Systems Leadership is the missing piece to these challenges. Applying our brand of Systems Leadership practice to your complex projects helps you zero in on what is intangible but important, and gives you the tools to build the balance between your risks & opportunities. We use this to help you with your Complex Delivery, Solutions Deployment and Market Development, whether you are an owner, consultant, contractor, incubator/accelerator, or startup looking to enhance your company's potential. 

Our Partnering Mantra

Upconverge's work seeks to understand, enhance and connect people & solutions. This means that we always own & solve upstream challenges with our partners. And the only way we can achieve these mutual goals is through deep relationships & trust.

We make Complex Systems Work.


Systems Leadership Graphics r3.png

Our People

  • Understand each partner’s job & motivation

  • Embrace complexity of goals & pathways to success

  • Understand how to Make Systems Work beyond technical expertise

Our Company

  • Devotes time on Upstream efforts to drive Downstream outcomes

  • Drives learning & improvement across partner ecosystem

  • Thrives with all stakeholders through collaboration

Our Platform & Approach

  • Curates a Big Tent

  • Aligns incentives & enables transactions

  • Exists to unite diverse parties’ value toward industry progress

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