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​As A Consultant

  • your primary relationships are with solution providers, consultants and utilities management

  • your primary focuses are excellent deliverables and client requirements

  • your primary relationships are with clients and contractors

  • your systems leadership focus is long-term strategy, client satisfaction and real project goals.

Project Owner


Solution Providers


O&M Services



Most connected role for aligning solution to needs. Most agnostic perspective. Best placed to deliver Owner needs holistically.

We can help create a better ecosystem for complex projects. This can allow your company to better deploy and leverage its assets, smooth conflicts between stakeholders and keep pace with the rate of innovation.
​A Systems Leader’s role does not overlap with that of a Project Manager. Rather, they can enhance one another’s efforts to deliver better projects. A Systems Leader can assist the Project Manager understand the key requirements and opportunities to satisfy the Client. This Collaborative Leadership Approach can help deliver not just a better project but can position the company in a stronger position for future projects.

​Deploying innovative technology can provide companies and their people with experience that can make the company stand apart from their competitors. Consultants may not have deep ties to Solution Providers and typically only use them when they need to deliver a specific proposal. This relationship is typically one-sided, with the requirements coming from the Consultant. System Leadership aims to involve these providers with more access to showcase their capabilities, allowing the Consultants a better understanding of what is to come and make more agile and aggressive bids.

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