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Most direct role for delivering Owner value. Best placed to optimize and operatonalize solutions.

​As A Contractor

  • your system leadership opportunities are solution providers

  • your primary focus are excellent deliverables within the set schedule and budget

  • your system leadership opportunities lie with solution providers and market access

  • your systems leadership focus is client satisfaction, bidding strategy and long-term strategy



Solution Providers


O&M Services

Project Owners

Contractors usually come into the contract only after the Overall Project Goals have been finalized and the design has been started. This can severely constrain the contractor's flexibility, forcing them to follow goals and a design with built-in assumptions for which they had no input. System Leadership can help advocate for and defend the Contractor's interests early in the project, giving them the freedom to try and deliver the best possible solution.

Our deep understanding of the market can help Contractors differentiate their bids, network with Solution and Technology Providers and better understand their clients and contract commitments. At Upconverge, we are strong advocates for utilizing upcoming technologies and innovate solutions. This can allow Contractors to set themselves apart in their bid and develop a technological edge in the market. We also have extensive knowledge of the agencies and regulators of the market and can help you with their nuances in administrative matters.

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