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Universal provider of solutions/services. Best placed for creating specific solutions to systems problems.

​As A Solution Provider

  • your primary relationships are with contractors and consultants

  • your primary focus are satisfying contractor’s and consultant’s requirements

  • your system leadership opportunities lie with utilities management, consultants and market access

  • your systems leadership focus are lowering utility risk while increasing reward, and your product showcase



Project Owner


O&M Services



At Upconverge, we are strong advocates for utilizing upcoming technologies and innovate solutions. We want all projects to use the most up to date solutions available on the market and to push the envelope on what is possible. We believe that Solution and Technology Providers do not currently have the market access and networks needed to provide the industry with these technologies. Our Systems Leadership Framework pushes these solutions into a more central role for complex projects, allowing all stakeholders to discover and evaluate new ways of doing things.

Startups are a unique form of Solution Providers, as they are more reliant on market disruptive methods or technologies being adopted. The main obstacles they face are market access and implementation and networking. At Upconverge, we are strong advocates for utilizing upcoming technologies and innovative solutions and want their use more widespread in the industry. As such, we can help you understand the Project Ecosystem and which relationships are key to getting your methods and solutions reviewed, approved, and implemented. We can also help you better understand the Client and how to target your approach for specific projects. Combined with more network access, Consultants and Contractors will be more aware of your solutions.

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