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Universal buyer of solution/services. Best placed for orchestrating systems players to deliver solutions to specific problems.

​As A Project Owner

  • Maintain project goals by orchestrating External Stakeholders’ interests & involvement

  • Coordinate Ecosystem Stakeholders to identify sources of risk and conflict

  • Develop methodologies for managing and leveraging changes during project execution in an open, agile approach

  • Push for Innovation



Solution Providers


O&M Services


Upconverge utilizes a Systems Leadership Framework that can deliver better projects. It does this by maintaining advocacy on fulfilling the Overall Project Goals originally envisioned by the Government Agencies and Regulators. These goals are often diluted during the life cycle of the project due to design or construction changes necessitated by site conditions. As these issues arise, different stakeholders will propose solutions based on their deliverables, which may or may not reflect the Overall Project Goals. Understanding this conflict, we can anticipate and mediate changes that may deviate from the original project ambitions.

Systems Leadership also tries to incorporate Solution Providers throughout the life cycle of the project rather than only during Feasibility and Construction Stages of the contract. Often, new technologies are pushed by a single stakeholder, either by Utilities eager to try a new solution, Consultants as identified in the Feasibility Study or by the Contractor during Construction. This may make other parties wary of change and how it will affect their own deliverables. By advocating for innovative technologies and Solution Providers to be advocated throughout the project, all stakeholders can agree on which solutions are feasible with the understanding of how these changes may affect each other.

The framework also keeps the Government Agencies and Regulators better involved during the project. This does not mean it will be micro-managing the consultant or the contractor. Rather, it allows for better oversight and keeping them informed on the design or construction changes being proposed and implemented and their effect on the Overall Project Goals. It also allows the owner to maintain flexibility on their own goals and ambitions and can help mediate issues as they arise during the project

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