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2021: Everything is different. Everything is the same

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

It’s end January of the year that was supposed to promise so much. We’ve all had a chance to see what it has actually brought. Here are a few passing thoughts that I thought worth sharing.

  • With the prospect of a new start, we have a tendency to seek something different. A new spark. With this particular turn of the year, there is a special urge to want a clean slate more than ever.

  • I feel a collective surge from everyone I meet to want to change things up and really push for more... More opportunities, more risks, more experiences. Could it be a January thing? Let’s see. But it’s really refreshing!

  • But in changes we can find sameness also. And I think these are precious. These are the essence of our existence that strings together what’s important. And that includes the pieces of the aspirations we want to pursue come hell or high water.

February beckons. Strategies are still being refined and evolved. Struggles are still to be faced down and conquered. We need ever more empathy, curiosity and self-awareness to confront the new unknowns.

Everything is the same. Everything is different.

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