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5 Things I learned from LinkedIn Writing

What do engineers, technologists & project managers talk or think about? Beyond announcements, corporate sound bites, congratulatory messages... what would an engineer, technologist or project manager be saying when you're having a real conversation with them?

It has been a year exploring that question and looking at topics of interest from different angles. Being the final month of 2021, it seemed appropriate to reflect on the whole idea of giving voice to these topics - why do it, who is it for, when we do it, what we say and where we look to find that voice.

The real conversations we're having with partners and clients are actually still outside this platform. But "Converging over Coffee" helps us reach out to the extended community and bring some focus on topics that our colleagues in engineering, technology & project management do care about, since we generally do not shout about such things.

This is just one of the building pieces on the journey to #FreeingEngineering

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