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Converging over Coffee... Cleantech for The Now

28 October 2022

Turn your attention from eye-catching headlines & mouth-watering deals, and think instead about finding promising & real cleantech worth your investment.

These days, the headline grabbing cleantech and climate-tech are the ones that attract investors for their outsized value creation potential. Many of these are seeing big investment dollars by virtue of their perceived value much further in the future.

At the same time, we’re hearing about slower deal making and lower valuations in the midst of a weaker economic outlook. Ironically, the cleantech growth that these macro factors are affecting is likely going to be the pool of cleantech offerings that have less dramatic potential but still offer immense value for real businesses and end-users.

This is the type of cleantech solutions that we’re talking about in this month’s Converging over Coffee series. Many of these are not risky bets for the long term. Many of these are no-regrets choices that deliver benefits in the short term to adopters. We share 4 alternative approaches to bring cleantech into a business without the need to take risky bets that we don’t have any control over.

  1. Operational Improvements

  2. New Competencies

  3. Innovation Culture

  4. Current Products & Services

4 ways to ensure Cleantech-for-The-Now deliver practical benefits

#1 Operational Improvements

Cleantech doesn’t have to result in dramatic changes to the status quo. But you do want to make sure you can achieve beneficial operational improvements from adopting it and bringing it into existing operations. If you avoid implementable adjustments and improvements now, the future changes that get forced upon you will be more painful than they need to be.

#2 New Competencies

Cleantech tend to cater to new needs. And new needs in turn ask for new competencies. The quiet part of the current growth of cleantech is actually the demand for new competencies. Don’t just buy cleantech, or new tech for that matter, do the work to build associated competencies for the future. Or be prepared to compete harder for it in the future.

#3 Innovation Culture

Most of us look at the innovative features of cleantech and think only about value-for-money. But adopting such innovation into an organization creates a ripple effect that challenges old approaches, question conventional thinking, and unlock possibilities of different business futures. An innovation culture from within is the cornerstone of a growing business. If you don’t create it, you just pay others for it.

#4 Current Products & Services

In the end, making risky bets and trying to pick cleantech winners isn’t a game for everyone. What we all have to work on however is our current set of products & services. Cleantech that can help us improve these and are able to do it now, should really get more of our attention. The ability to constantly develop & transform your products & services could be your best preparation for the possible futures of your industry.

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