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Converging over Coffee... Resilient Infrastructure - A Balance of Opposites

30 September 2022

The challenges that are the trickiest when planning and designing infrastructure tend to have to do with what we actually want the infrastructure to deliver. This is tricky only because the way we choose to articulate the outcomes we want is not very clearly at all.

Few would argue that we want infrastructure to be resilient, but what that contains is actually a host of opposites. Paradoxes that we have to be extremely adept at solving in order for all our planning and design effort to deliver the right outcomes. Unfortunately, our tendency when dealing with paradoxes is to veer towards one end or another.

In this month’s Converging over Coffee series, we dig back into our past and present work in delivering complex infrastructure development plans, and talk about 4 of the most common paradoxes that we must solve for when creating new, resilient infrastructure. Finding the balanced path amongst these paradoxes pretty much takes up all of our energies, so being clear about them is totally worth the while.

  1. Both Hard & Soft

  2. Both Short-term & Long-term

  3. Both Private & Shared

  4. Both Reliable & Flexible

4 Paradoxes to Solve for Resilient Infrastructure

#1 Both Hard & Soft

#2 Both Short-term & Long-term

#3 Both Owned & Shared

#4 Both Reliable & Flexible

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