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How to be Unproductive: Toxic Tip #2 - Always Be Working.

Updated: May 3, 2022

In the world of knowledge work that demands more of the creative process, productivity can be less than useful at best and toxic at worst. To go against the tide of productivity, here are some Toxic Tips that might just help you rise above it all.


This is NOT about letting work take over personal time, or turning up the intensity of work even more.

This IS about recognizing that there is a productive role for work, even during non-work times… during our precious down time!

To do impactful work, personal down time is ever more important because what happens during down time is much more than resting & recharging. If we don’t insist on blocking off work completely during down time… if we give permission for the thought of work to ease into (not take over!) our personal time, we are doing the most important part of knowledge work - digesting, synthesizing, creating.

The best part? We can finally stop blaming ourselves for entertaining a stray thought about work during personal time. We can certainly take those breaks guilt-free and show up 100% for the important people in our lives. Allowing work to soak in the background while we invest in our personal lives is absolutely key to allowing us to deliver real impactful work when we’re back at it.

So let’s connect, have a coffee, a beer or a lunch. Let’s get to work!

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