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How to be Unproductive: Toxic Tip #3 - Do More Daily.

Updated: May 3, 2022

In the world of knowledge work that demands more of the creative process, productivity can be less than useful at best and toxic at worst. To go against the tide of productivity, here are some Toxic Tips that might just help you rise above it all.


This is NOT about packing more into each 24-hour day, or over-extending yourself to prove your productivity.

This IS about creating intentional personal conditioning activities that count - each day - towards your measure of productivity.

The silent but potent element of productivity is how we direct our energy, our attention and our creativity. Better sleep, fitness, content, relationships, learning… just a few to begin with. We may know these, but many of us mere mortals don’t do enough of them.

I think the answer is a counter intuitive one… Not to keep trying to increase these occasional accomplishments, but to turn them into daily habits.

If we can scale everything down into sensible daily bites… if we value small efforts that gain consistency, more than grand efforts that happen only on good days… if we no longer need to kick ourselves for not doing something today to take care of ourselves… We get to go again tomorrow.

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