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Progress towards a vision

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

It has been a really interesting month. Amidst working with new associates & clients from different sectors & different geographies, and engaging the world of green energy, I also found myself deep in coaching & mentorship conversations more than usual. Early stage company founders, experienced coaches, young professionals, undergraduates about to enter the industry and even one early on the university path.

A common theme to all these was the idea of navigating the unknown, which ironically felt very much like my own current experiences. I wanted these conversations to be of value, so I read, listened & thought a bit about the qualities needed to help us (me included) progress towards a vision. They condense down to these:

Need Passion to stay on track, but that must come with Execution and Self-awareness.

Need Creativity to find the solutions, but they will be good only with much Curiosity and Empathy.

Need Courage to operate outside core area, but be sure to have a heap load of Patience and Humility to take the losses.

What resonates with you at this very moment?

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