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Project Productivity vs. Engineering Creativity

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

It was one of those projects. The kind the client had not quite done before, the consultants had not delivered in the same setting & the industry had not seen implemented in local conditions. Project requirements were written with best intentions. Performance needs described as well as the authors knew how to & specifications modeled after more conventional projects. Oh and guess what, a compressed timeline.

During the journey, the low points were when stakeholders resisted unfamiliar approaches they were asked to approve, consultants avoided problems they feel they didn’t sign up for, and clients applied schedule pressure while focusing on scope compliance.

The collective triumphs however were defined by stakeholders co-creating alternative approaches that satisfied mutual agendas, consultants investing energy to solve problems for best project outcomes, and clients exercising practical flexibility to focus on outcomes rather than auditable compliance.

We have come to EXPECT productivity in the engineering process & equate achievement with that sort of “getting things done”. But real success for each stakeholder, consultant & client NEEDS collective creativity at every level.

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