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Tipping Points

Different takes on tipping points. I'm reasonably familiar with tipping points when used in discussions about climate adaptation and adaptive planning in particular. It's pretty interesting to consider tipping points in cleantech adoption. Great food for thought in this article.

  1. Technology tipping point is not only about the product, but also about the social dynamics & coalitions that the product is able to tap on to drive adoption at scale. Technology tipping points are often social tipping points.

  2. It's not enough to develop a great product and wait for the eventual tipping point to get triggered. Businesses need to find and activate those triggers through customer engagement, advocacy, collaboration. Tipping points are not inevitable.

  3. While we push for policy and regulatory action to drive change and remove obstacles for technology adoption, there's still a critical role for bottom-up, network driven initiatives to effect big ideas. More importantly, it's the antidote available to us to remedy slow government action that is troubled by a myriad of conflicting interests and tradeoffs. In many ways, we can still influence government action and policy change through the will and momentum of civil society.

The final takeaway from thinking about tipping points is that even though the roads leading us there appear long and convoluted, we will still arrive at more and more of these within this decade given the current momentum. And we haven't even factored in macro factors, such as pandemics, war and long inflation, that will bring change even faster and are in play as we speak. These are transition risks that are widespread and touch every sector.

No matter what business we are in, we are in for a period of volatility. The time to move quickly into these new spaces is now.

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