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Unlocking Value Through Sustainability: A Win for Planet and Profit

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

This article deals with a subject close to our heart. This question is central to what we do:

❗️Beyond just trying to make businesses more sustainable, how do we make sustainability good for business?

At a recent industry event about business sustainability, the most prevalent question being asked by business leaders was the following:

❓Why are some companies are rewarded by investors & government grants for their sustainability efforts while others are not?

💡The answer lies in aligning sustainability with business outcomes.

This article talks about recent research by BCG that revealed an intriguing insight: For investors, it's not about checking all the ESG boxes but rather focusing on elements that enhance competitive advantage. For instance, articulating the value creation potential of a sustainability move has twice the impact of any other measures. And greenwashing can be spotted a mile away these days with savvy investors.

Whether you’re a business leader, investor, or someone passionate about sustainability, it's time to think beyond the surface and consider making thoughtful choices that benefit both the planet and your competitive edge.

We are convinced that driving sustainability this way is just… well, more sustainable. 🌱💡

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