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Video- How will you unlock the answers to this challenge? Solve for X

How will you unlock the answers to this challenge?

“Solve for X"

Experts say that the technologies we need to solve complex problems like infrastructure sustainability and low-carbon economy are already available. What I hear however is that despite having all these technologies, there is something else we need to solve for to accelerate adoption.

Our answer is to "Solve for X"... eXecution, to be exact. Executing complex projects or deploying novel solutions already involves a lot… from securing financing, to building better designs, to strengthening project delivery capabilities. Our contribution is to unlock the complexities of piecing together this whole puzzle, rather than supply more individual pieces to the puzzle.

I’m convinced there is immense value in focusing on coordinating the whole system - internal & external, drawing in the critical stakeholders and injecting collaborative leadership into the process itself. It’s all about execution and adoption, to finally deliver the benefits that both clients and innovators seek.

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