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Your Co-Pilot for Navigating Innovation-Powered Sustainable Business Growth


What drives us

Companies want their business to grow but also want to be a champion for sustainability. Teams want to deliver outstanding results but also want to develop & grow. Professionals want to lead in their field but also want to have positive impact.

At Upconverge, everything we do is founded on our belief in the power of Amplifying Potential & Impact.


The difference

We build on the unique competencies and qualities that you already have in terms of project delivery, innovation potential and sustainability.

We add on a comprehensive blend of experience in technology innovation, sustainability advisory and business strategy. And to execute on these, we also design operational excellence and new capacity in your people and processes.


We take a Co-Pilot approach that is designed to give you a Quick start, Empower your people & systems and create impact that will Endure.


What we do


Project Performance

We empower partners and clients to outperform in delivering complex infrastructure projects. Our expertise spans the entire project lifecycle, from proposal to delivery, offering insights & experience in:


Whole-of-Water: Infrastructure development, Water resources, Climate adaptation, Resiliency, Water systems.


Whole-of-Delivery: Strategy, master planning, technology & innovation, design development, tender & procurement, stakeholders & project management.


Multi Discipline Orchestra: Engineering, sustainability, talent development, business strategy, operations management, client success, strategic communications.


Enterprise Growth

Our clients operate in a dynamic & complex business landscape that is increasingly competitive. We bring the necessary capacity for innovation efforts & sustainability initiatives to address business costs, sales pipeline and project performance. 

We help you identify potential from current competencies to spark novel growth avenues through high-value innovations and strategic partnerships. 

We bring deep operational experience in fostering high-performing cultures for delivery excellence, as well as talent retention and business growth.

We integrate our sustainability advisory services into our business-centered approach to build your green credentials, ensure competitiveness and meet regulatory demands.


Professsional Leadership

We immerse ourselves and collaborate with our clients' diverse teams of engineering, project, and business professionals, recognizing that their leadership is vital for project and organizational success. 

With years of comprehensive talent management and human capital development expertise, we prioritize individualized professional development that are aligned with business goals.

We integrate our perspectives on innovation, sustainability and business growth into the development of professional leadership.

Our approach emphasizes Strengths even when addressing gaps, and results in personal professional development even when focusing on team development.

Upconverge provides consulting expertise in the Infrastructure and Built Environment sector. We work with project teams to deliver comprehensive, multi-disciplinary solutions for large-scale, complex infrastructure projects through entire project lifecycle. We also work with businesses in the sector to build business strategies and then help them deploy measures to advance performance and growth. Our work focuses on selecting cleantech and climate-tech solutions, strategic partnerships, designing for delivery excellence, cultivating high-performing cultures, and turning sustainability advisory into innovative growth opportunities.

Do you seek to finally have a roadmap that is tailored to the strengths you've already invested in and start achieving your project and business goals?


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