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Complex Systems Insights

Finding Value requires... Deep and broad understanding of the  complexities of the systems shaping challenges.

Systems Leadership is a set of skills, tools and capabilities that can be used to catalyze, enable and support the process of impactful systems-level transformation.


Coalition of Stakeholders

Extracting Value requires... Approaches for building stakeholder coalitions, developing allignment, coordinating and mobilizing actions.


Collaborative Leadership

Deploying Value requires... Enabling leadership that drives learning, builds trust and empowers stakeholders to progress to common commitment.

Complex Problems Require A Different Approach


The Problem

  • Projects are all complex today, with multiple interests & desired outcomes, uneven priorities and an invetable set of inter-dependent stakeholders.

  • Solutions deployment is stuck and innovation is just not diffusing at the pace we need.

  • Good solutions but “bad” problems, complicated by its own external system.

  • The array of solutions offered in the marketplace is more confusing than ever, in part due to closed innovation and solution delivery systems.

  • Organizations deeply siloed as we develop people with deep expertise but narrow focus. Even as the value offered by individual ecosystem players overlap, the urge to protect their silo is stronger than ever.


The Solution

  • We double down on building shared systems visions & shared priorities in order to converge the solution formulation process and deliver outcomes beneficial to the system.

  • We make transparent stakeholder inter-dependancies and interactions to strengthen collaborative problem resolution.

  • We tap on systems knowledge to ensure solutions address the problem as well as the system context.

  • We deploy practical measures that clarify solution performance, systems fit, and deployment readiness.

  • We play the role of Systems Leaders to converge deep expertise towards business performance, providing the connections to drive collaboration with niche specializations.

Complex Problems Require Systems Leaders

The most intractable mismatches that keep actions from achieving desired outcomes have little to do with how well individual technical domains perform by themselves.

They have everything to do with how well they work with another technical domain, and how well they work with critical external drivers... the System.

System & Stakeholders

Critical external drivers from the System & Stakeholders.

Systems Mapping, Delivery Management, Delivery Organization.

Stakeholders Mapping, Stakeholders Process, Network Building.

Strategy Reorientation, Goal Forming, Partnership Management.

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Map stakeholders interactions & processes to be used actively to guide development progress

Establish systems mapping with project team and stakeholder to achieve delivery outcomes

Develop Shared vision strategy & goals; build mutual accountability with key stakeholders and partners

The Systems Leader's Role

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