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Our Services

We sincerely believe there is now a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help organizations, consultants, contractors and startups navigate the complex challenges in the infrastructure and cleantech industry, and unlock our potential to secure a sustainable future. 


Project Performance Clients

Complex projects with multiple, and often conflicting, goals and stakeholders are our favourite type of projects! From proposal & bidding stage to the delivery stage, our deep and expansive experience with this special type of work will help you turn the toughest project challenges into game-changing opportunities.


Proposal strategy & innovation

  • Implementation strategies for climate & sustainable solutions

  • Integrated delivery scope & methodologies


Project delivery & multi-discipline integration

  • Technical advisory for water, infrastructure & climate resilience projects

  • Cross discipline technical orchestration

  • Strategic long-term planning for complex projects


Client success strategies

  • Proven delivery approaches to support client interests - Partnership & engagement strategies for project & client success


Team performance enhancement

  • Continuous development of project team & resources

  • Individualized mentorship and coaching

Project Performance Clients

Enterprise Growth Clients

If you seek a breakthrough in your efforts to build enterprise growth for your organization, our experienced and diverse team can craft a customized suite of solutions for your needs based on your specific internal challenges and goals. 

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Delivery Excellence 

  • Project and sales operations health assessment

  • Sales to delivery integrated process workflow design

  • Custom templates and tools for project control and management dashboard

  • Data-driven sales management tools

  • Talent champion playbook (including culture refresh) 

Sustainability Advisory 

  • Sustainability status assessment and GHG accounting

  • Sustainability reporting and disclosure services

  • Sustainability strategy and implementation

Growth Solutions

  • Business model and ecosystem mapping workshop

  • Growth Strategy playbook

  • Technology integration playbook 

Enterprise Growth Clients
Professional Leadership

Professional Leadership

If you’re an engineering or project professional, or lead a team of such professionals, and seek to advance professional growth and leadership competencies, we can help you shape and implement proven talent solutions to grow a strong professional leadership culture.


Strengths-based talent & leadership development

  • Individualized mentoring & coaching

  • Engineering leadership master class

Effective strengths-based teams

  • Team chartering for projects & business functions

  • Team coaching workshops


Customized programmes

  • Competency deepening & expansion

  • Leadership development programme design

Why Choose Upconverge?

Only Enhancing Capabilities

We only add on enabling capabilities that integrate & maximize existing client & partner capacities.

Accessible, Proven Value

We readily demonstrate value and clarify problem definition before negotiations.

Partners Beyond The Project

We provide input that is connected to the extended ecosystem forces & driven by a future focus.

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Ownership of Externalities

We own systems externalities with you & pay attention to big picture issues to address current problems as well as future ambitions.

Easy to Start

We always right-size the scope. Simple contracting. Simple pricing. No minimum sums.

Easy to Manage

We work transparently with clear performance measures & strive to connect current progress to future value. No surprises.

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