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2021 Year-in-Review

It’s the last week of 2021 and we wanted to do a quick look back / look forward to close out the year.

Here is Upconverge’s 2021 Year-in-Review:

The good.. What worked out well

• We’re so grateful to have new infrastructure-projects client, new technology-market client, new contractor-technology client; and so excited to have added a new team member this year!

The bad… What didn’t work out

• The uncertainty of larger project pursuits and revenue streams was real this year, but we still chose to make certain investments in people in view of what we’re chasing.

The lessons… What insights we gained, what adjustments are needed

• The value of our work with existing partners & clients gave us a lot of belief that we can find the common cause & do better together; so it’s clear that we must double down on solutions & services that build continuity & long term relationships.

The promise… What brings new hope

• The growing convergence of focus on cleantech, sustainability & infrastructure brings exciting possibilities in 2022 and beyond; and puts us in an interesting position to support partners & clients across market segments.

Looking forward to continue the building process in 2022! Happy new year to all!

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