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Converging over Coffee - 2022 Year End

30 December 2022

The end of the year feels like the perfect time to converge one last time over coffee. So here are some 2022 wrap-up thoughts.

2022 was supposed to be the year when the dramatic changes we all experienced for close to 3 years started to see some closure. We were looking forward to regain some sanity in business, at the workplace, at home and hopefully travel to our favorite places once more. In reality, we got a bit more than we expected.

Business opportunities were going to recover.

Business opportunities are permanently transformed, helped by our increased collective acceptance of technology in all aspects of life as well as a newfound belief in risk taking.

Workplaces were going to be restored.

Workplaces are now hybrid in some shape or form, even for those who try to pull everyone back.

Home routines of comfort were going to return.

Home routines are working quite differently because everyone has developed new habits and new needs.

Travel was going to resume.

Travel did resume, and in a big way, but we are more thoughtful about whether work travel is necessary and what type of personal vacations brought the best experience.

* * *

Many professional norms and industry hesitations of the past are fading away and require serious rethink. What a hassle, but what an opportunity!

Bring on 2023! Happy New Year to all!

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