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Think bigger. Act smaller.

Opportunity in a time of change and uncertainty... It occurred to me how this has become the defining challenge of 2020. Although not all infrastructure projects were affected, engineers and other infrastructure professionals have still been hit personally. Even those who didn’t lose their jobs, I’ve watched and listened to stories of how professional transitions have been put on hold, growth opportunities crumbled, and the previous promise of existing roles just seem to evaporate quietly.

Upconverge started just before 2020 began to turn on its head, so we have been in the thick of the ups & downs. We are grateful for our ongoing work with partners that provide some amazing interactions and insights that help keep us on the right track. It’s clear to me that it is more important now than ever to keep our eyes on our vision of applying Systems Leadership to deliver transformative water infrastructure projects. To get there, our conviction is for every partnership to be an opportunity for complex system insights, stakeholder coalitions and collaborative leadership to find its form and help our partners make unparalleled progress!

Once again... Thinking bigger. Acting smaller. ACTING NOW.

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