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What is the current biggest challenge you see in Infrastructure & Technology?

“The bottomline challenge”

When you look at the infrastructure sector today, you will see that everyone has the same bottomline challenge. They need to answer the question: What does sustainability and decarbonization mean for my business? How do I transition my business to take full advantage of this global momentum?

What we do know is that this bottomline challenge is really about the actual bottomline. Doing sustainability just for the positive optics no longer makes sense. Companies are trying to learn how to embrace sustainability to drive their long term profitability.

It’s a very different proposition and a complex challenge that we’re here to help solve!

How will you unlock the answers to this challenge?

“Solve for X"

Experts say that the technologies we need to solve complex problems like infrastructure sustainability and low-carbon economy are already available. What I hear however is that despite having all these technologies, there is something else we need to solve for to accelerate adoption.

Our answer is to "Solve for X"... eXecution, to be exact. Executing complex projects or deploying novel solutions already involves a lot… from securing financing, to building better designs, to strengthening project delivery capabilities. Our contribution is to unlock the complexities of piecing together this whole puzzle, rather than supply more individual pieces to the puzzle.

I’m convinced there is immense value in focusing on coordinating the whole system - internal & external, drawing in the critical stakeholders and injecting collaborative leadership into the process itself. It’s all about execution and adoption, to finally deliver the benefits that both clients and innovators seek.

What solution do you provide to solve this challenge?

“Development to Delivery”

I’ve worked in the delivery of cleantech and infrastructure for more than 20 years. The toughest challenges we had to overcome had nothing to do with knowing where to find good solutions. Our toughest challenge was figuring out how to select & make solutions right for the project, the organization and the people.

Our work is to take our partners & clients from the more inside-view of developing great solutions, to an outside-view of fitting those solutions into real-world operating conditions and stakeholder needs.

We focus on infrastructure that requires complex delivery, strategic development of market-ready solutions and hands-on development of market opportunities and ecosystem partners.

Why Upconverge? Why does your approach work?

“Leadership of Systems"

When faced with an infrastructure project with complex requirements, where performance is the bottomline…

When faced with a novel solution, where success depends on ensuring profitability and solving multiple execution challenges…

These are times when we DON’T need another option or another feature. The one thing we DO need in these times is the Leadership of Systems.

This is a practice with approaches and tools that takes convention task-oriented project management skillsets and lifts them up to the next level. Systems leadership asks that we accept the responsibility of orchestrating internal and external system influences. It asks that we redefine success through the needs of a wider set of stakeholders, and inject a new type of leadership that produces outcomes by enabling these stakeholders.

What are you doing for partners & clients?


Leading systems is by definition something that requires both deep as well as broad collaborations.

Deep, because it requires a rich understanding of our partners' various jobs to be done. Broad, because we have to be conversant with the interests of partners across the ecosystem, to be able to orchestrate and deliver outcomes that work. We are different because we are ecosystem-centric.

This is the Upconverge approach when partnering with our clients to develop complex solutions for end-customers like PUB and JTC. This is our approach when working with technology companies both regionally and globally on deployment opportunities and market access. Our ecosystem-centric approach delivers bottomline, execution & delivery success to our partners' complex infrastructure and innovation challenges.

We make systems work, and we turn complex into practical.

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Gaurav Bhatt
Gaurav Bhatt
26 jan. 2022

Great approach and thoughts towards solving issues through System Level Thinking.

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