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Where It Began

The ideas that interest me the most, the ones that inspire and that seed passions… often come from the unlikeliest places. This book, “The Monocle Guide to Shops, Kiosks and Markets”, was one of those.

Right after leaving a promising consulting job, I discovered that the urge and potential for creating and influencing change were as exciting as they were daunting. Almost immediately, I started looking outside for something completely different.

What I found in this book, an exploration of unique businesses and innovative entrepreneurs from around the globe, intrigued me. Each narrative in the book presented an entrepreneur who had doubled down on a vision, no matter how narrow or unconventional it might have seemed to others. These individuals didn’t just create businesses; they built communities and ecosystems fueled by purpose and passion. Their stories were marked by the interplay of trade-offs and synergies, of risks taken and challenges overcome. Each entrepreneur's journey was about the spirit, not the size, of the venture. They showcased resilience and an immense willingness to learn.

That’s how I wanted my journey to look!

The seeds of my subsequent journey were sown within the pages of this book. As I began to shape my own business philosophy, I aimed to not just fill a need, but to create a service that truly mattered. I committed to being adaptive, to expanding the ecosystem I was part of, and to growing organically from within it.

If you too are facing your own version of a crossroad, try looking outside of your familiar environment, things, and social circles. Have different conversations. Consume different content. Let what’s “outside” surprise and inspire you.

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