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Updated: Nov 11, 2021

There was a period in August when balance went missing. Could’ve been the latest round of Covid restrictions, or not… but distractions & a setback or two started to overwhelm and focus strayed. It was hard to get things going. On some days, I was all over the place mentally. Composure, balance and the groove to go hard at things again were all just missing.

Then something clicked. We pushed harder at an initiative, a new job picked up pace, and right about then that elusive balance I was seeking simply showed up... like it never left! That’s when I realized I might have gotten it the wrong way around... Thinking that I needed first to "sort my head out" and wrestle back that feeling of balance, so I could move forward again. But when things were going slowly, finding that balance was a wild grope in the dark. Instead, when things were moving at pace, with a few balls in the air, almost taunting me to find the time to do everything… I felt a sense of balance much more naturally.

Like riding a bike perhaps… Going too slow makes for a wobbly ride. But when gliding along at pace (not being a hazard), we slip back into a good flow with senses perked and balance restored.

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