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The Myth of Purpose: It's Not About Finding, It's About Creating.

If you’re looking for a reboot of your professional journey and seek a North Star to guide that transition, this subtle switch in perspective might be the thing that helps you find fresh impetus.

The traditional 'find your purpose' mantra tends to encourage an inward search, almost like looking for a pre-existing condition that defines your life. Or… it’s like there is a hidden treasure somewhere waiting to be unearthed. This approach is quietly asking that you narrow the focus progressively until you hit on that something which is really worthy.

However, if your purpose is personal and needs to be actively evolved, this shift in perspective moves you to a mindset of active discovery and construction. It’s a different operating mode where you start creating conditions to allow your purpose to surface. You're not just gazing inward; you're also looking outward. You’re not just looking & weighing options; you’re also getting curious & experimenting with possibilities.

And now, the purpose question doesn’t need to be just about you. It can also be about how your talents come into play, shaping this newfound purpose into a reality that serves both you and others.

So, as you navigate the rest of your day, consider how often you are trying to “find” - purpose, solutions, answers - and how often you create conditions to… really create.

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