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Control vs. Awareness

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

In the old normal that I was familiar with, self-care was a luxury. If you went for a long run, you are likely to be applauded. If you spent quality time with friends, family or yourself, you are likely to be envied. If you’re also rocking at work... I mean, just how are you getting away with it?? Being a luxury meant that you have to be able to control your schedule enough to fit them in. And that came with the requisite tension & stress.

In the current normal that I’m chasing, I have a lot more weighing on my mind and a significantly more uncertain outlook. I need sustainable self-care more than ever. I’m now after small wins & moments, not big enviable events. I note the lack of these on some days, only to have another go the very next day. I don’t need control anymore. I need self-awareness.

When self care doesn’t work, it’s often when we EXPECT to control & make things great - how healthy our lifestyle is, who/what we spend time & attention on and how accomplished we are at work. The shift we NEED is to turn this into self-awareness, to have empathy for previous versions of ourselves that struggled and patience with future versions of ourselves as we put in the energy to grow in the direction we want.

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