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Solutions vs. Service & Progress

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Technology is Everything! I used to carry that mantra with me as I went about trying to make a role for myself in solutions & innovation. I didn’t yell it into everyone’s face, but you bet I thought it was all-important and everyone should listen. After all, isn’t technology the very thing that made it possible for us to deliver all these cool, amazing projects?! After more than a few experiences of developing what I thought was an amazing solution that was ultimately not successful in winning the job, I finally figured that there’s much more to this conundrum.

Like every innovative solution ever, I learnt that the refrain “Technology is Everything” had to be wielded with a genuine sense of service. Technology is helpless if it confounds the norms of the user’s proven practices. Technology stirs no imagination if all it brings the user is basic ROI. Technology is nothing if it doesn’t serve or help the user make progress in a way meaningful to them right now.

We now EXPECT technology to give us more than just solutions. We NEED to deploy them in service of progress... Today, that means elevating the performance of individuals & teams, unlocking opportunity & potential and confronting the climate crisis.

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