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Strangely Simple, Ridiculously Complicated

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Things that are challenging & difficult actually seem to have answers that are strangely simple, yet ridiculously complicated.

The photo below is the shophouse building where I started my first job as a water engineer. It was the most obvious decision in the world for me to take that job but the journey was far from smooth. I think I’ve tried the lot… going with the flow, taking a couple of big detours away from the job, doubling down on a belief of how this career should go, filling in gaps wherever I saw one, faking it till I make it, embracing the tedious bits, milking the glamorous bits, trying my best to emulate the inspiring leaders that came before… Things are still complicated, but the journey was priceless.

Similarly, the desire to contribute a regular voice to the LinkedIn network was clear to me. But the process of writing regularly has been far more strenuous than I could imagined. Quite happy that I’m still here, half a year down the road, still going at it, still learning how to cultivate that voice, still discovering nuances about my own perspectives.

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