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WFH impacts • Work & Personal Life

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Another work-from-home (WFH) thought to end the week.

One of the current debate is about how much time we really need to spend in the office - and when we don't, how to maintain productivity. But do we also need to think about how much time we need to spend away from home - and when we don't, how to maintain mental well-being and performance? For many, consciously or not, that simple daily change in location offers a subtle but all important separation between their work-self and family-self. It’s their basis for maintaining the balance.

But should we not be our authentic self in either place? That’s an admirable state to be in. However, while our families have mostly accepted that work life will spill over into the home & we expect to be that pillar of support, most workplace practices I know still demand that you “leave your personal life/problems” at the door & perform at work regardless. With hybrid work from home/office, that separation is all but a fantasy now. If work performance really matters to us, personal life must matter too. The health & well-being of employee personal life must be a leader’s new imperative.

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