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Accelerating Engineers • Accelerating Trust

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Part 5 of 5 for the August edition of "Converging over Coffee"

Having spent the better part of this week musing about how engineers are framing esteem, owning our expertise, thinking about empathy and being intentional about expectations of us… I’ve noticed that it actually adds up pretty well.

  • Our job & the responsibilities that come with it provides the basis for the ESTEEM, but it is on us to channel it to bring others along.

  • When we combine our EXPERTISE with that of other experts, we could still do a lot more to own the whole problem together with them.

  • To have a common focus to channel the creativity & trade-offs when integrating a blend of expertise, we need to deploy a cognitive EMPATHY for our collaborators & clients’ needs.

  • And finally, the way we deliver these solutions to our clients is how we shape their EXPECTATIONS for the value they will get when engaging engineers, which brings us full circle back to Esteem.

What we end up with is a “flywheel of trust”. Working on one piece strengthens the next. Each of the pieces keep the flywheel turning, and as it turns we accelerate trust-building with our clients, partners and end-users.

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