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Complex Systems & Where to Find Them • Organizations

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Part 3 of 5 for the January edition of "Converging over Coffee"

Working in a global organization teaches us that expertise tends to be only as good as the location where it came from. When global expertise runs into the wall of local context and customer culture, it results either in creativity & innovation... or defeat & utter frustration. A classic case for understanding & leading Systems.

Especially for the delivery of complex, innovative or first-of-kind projects that required best-in-class global experience, we’ve found that delivering great value to clients and great project outcomes is really hard, downright impossible sometimes, without a deep appreciation of local context and culture. Without integrating these, the best solutions will still fall flat.

Job definitions for technologists and project delivery teams have to be expanded to include creating highly contextualized solutions. Bringing expertise alone is the low bar. Leadership & stewardship of the existing Systems context is the key.

On a more personal scale... in a complex world, if we find ourselves looking at an problem thinking “that‘s not our job”, but that problem is actually bothering & hindering us... maybe we need to rethink what our job really is.

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