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Engineers as Leaders • Growth from Risk Taking

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Part 5 of 5 for the June edition of "Converging over Coffee"

This one is personal. I realize how being an engineer has made me such a good risk manager. It's quite instinctive. When presented with an idea, we immediately see all the possible problems. What is wrong with that? Engineers are the people you can count on to design our way out of a problem. But when our first response is focused on the many ways an idea may not work, we count ourselves out of the discussion that will define the idea & the potential good that could result from it.

The right organizational aspirations, project goals & personal dreams are worthy of the most arduous journeys, breaking down the most impossible obstacles along the way. Engineers must have a voice in the conversation about why the idea or vision is worthy. That's where we will find the will to design our way out of all the problems. That's where we will find the conviction to even risk that first step forward. Risk taking is not about ignoring problems. It's about clarifying the "why", having a voice in defining the problem that needs solving, and then discovering real growth from the process & the journey.

We can't stop growing. Not really. Not when we're prepared to refine & elevate our cause & take the risks that are worthy.

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