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Positive Candour • Solution Pitches

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Part 3 of 5 for the May edition of "Converging over Coffee"

We seem to be pitching a 'solution' of some sort constantly, whether it is a dinner recommendation, a proposed family activity, a professional profile of ourselves, a project proposal, a design concept or a business/product idea.

Since we want our idea to be accepted, it seems natural enough to put all our energy into convincing the audience why this is simply the best answer, bar none. But unless we know perfectly what the entire audience think and know, it's actually impossible to expect them to be fully convinced.

Many times I've listened to such pitches and wished they would be more open & forthcoming to address some genuine challenges & imperfections, rather than expect me to get into a cat-and-mouse game to find as many gotcha details as I can.

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