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Elevating the Value of Engineering • Collaborative Orchestrator of Good

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Part 5 of 5 for the November edition of "Converging over Coffee"

I have a lot of faith in our young and not-so-young engineering professionals to take a stand and get involved in building the infrastructure and climate solutions needed to turn things around and define a better future. But the world we live in has shifted so much in recent times, we need a sharp pivot ourselves to take on the fresh challenges.

We must appreciate the Trust that our profession has built in coming up with generations of solutions. We must accept the types of Complexity that our current environment has introduced into the solutioning process. We must understand how Shared Infrastructure has become our new reality. But we must NOT stop at just being good at what we have always been doing… We need to shift gears and Expand our motivations, our approach and our mission. When we do that, we can bring more people into our implementation journey. When we do that, we will start to lead.

Three Transitions

1. From building infrastructure physically to building infrastructure collaboratively.

2. From downstream contributor to whole-of-journey orchestrator.

3. From good engineering to engineering good.

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