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Enabling Infrastructure • Fit for Organization

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Part 2 of 5 for the September edition of "Converging over Coffee"

Delivering infrastructure work requires not just getting the “front stage” right, but also getting the “back stage” aligned. This is the 2nd fit - Fit for Organization.

The front stage is about all the visible planning, engineering, construction & project management work that need to be done. Things can get complex quickly and it takes a broad set of competencies to achieve a good outcome. The Owner goals in the 1st fit drive this front stage work.

The back stage is the invisible stuff that goes on behind the scenes in each company contributing to the visible work that is being done. Much less attention on this because we prefer to dismiss it as something that each company needs to take care of themselves. But this leaves way too much on the table. Good organization alignment drives this important back stage work, which in turn makes the front stage work possible.

In planning, designing & building infrastructure, the essence of what we do is the artful assembly of the efforts from multiple disciplines & services. So when we see organizations set themselves up along various silo-ed disciplines of work, that only serves to deliver efficiency for themselves. If the goal is to deliver real value to the infrastructure & the owner, there must also be additional serious thought given to aligning these disciplines & services to the front stage - the job at hand.

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